goodbyes in grand turk

they say
'the last the best of all the game'

and boy,
were they right.

Grand Turk was the grand finale.

so of course,
we had to do it big.

and by big,
i mean we rented scooters,
cruised up and down the 7 mile island at least 7 times,
played on 4 different beaches,
and were in complete awe of the hundreds of wild assess running around.
and by asses,
i mean donkeys.
getting back on the boat after spending the day in Grand Turks was rough.
knowing that our fabulous,
once in a lifetime,
#thisisfriends getaway was coming to a close.

lucky for us,
we all have the 10 lbs we gained,
500 photos we took,
and thousands of amazing memories
to remember our adventures on the Carnival Glory.

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