cruise life

living on a floating resort isn't so shabby.

food all hours of the day and night,
free entertainment,
a creep free dance club,
mini golf,
a steam room,
a maid constantly picking up after you,
"the cave" cabin rooms
{perfect for the mid-afternoon naps}
 where ordering 3 desserts is totally normal,
limbo contests,
a chocolate on your pillow every time you come back to your room,
pool parties,
the cruise director being the coolest person you've ever met
{although the husbands weren't so fond of him...
*cough cough* jealous much? *cough cough*
the dive in movie,
i almost forgot...
eating at least 10 soft serve ice cream cones a day.

it's like a really fancy summer camp.

for adults.

adults who like to drink a whole lot of alcohol,
and gamble a heck of a lot of money.
{our waiter, Alex, was astonished when he found out we didn't participate in either of those activities.}

i was giddy from the second we stepped food on the carnival glory just knowing it would be our new home for a week.

she was a real beaut.

and she treated #thisisfriends to the best week of their lives.

thanks glory,
for the wonderful week full of laughter,
friendship and food!

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