loco americanos

número de puerto tres :
Puerto Rico

i didn't really know what to expect when we got to Puerto Rico.
but i quickly learned that it was charming,
and full of adventure!
we started out the day visiting Castillo San Felipe Del Morro.
translation: some fort the boys wanted to go to.
so like the amazing wives we are-
we obliged. 

and like the amazing wives we are-
we listened to our husbands talk about how fun it would be to play football on the perfectly manicured lawn.
and how awesome it would be to play paintball in the fortress.

and like the amazing wives we are-
we smiled,
and nodded,
and then asked our husbands to take more pics.

and like the AMAZING husbands they are-
they obliged.
 after the boys were done daydreaming of football games and paintball wars we headed to,
you guessed it,
the beach.
 contrary to popular belief,
the beach isn't where Puerto Rico shines...

it was actually on the way home.

after about an hour of waiting for the public bus to take us back to our ship port,
and still no bus in sight,
we were starting to get nervous.
the time we had to make it back to the ship was starting to wind-down,
and if you've ever been on a cruise before,
you know that the ship waits for no one.

luckily for us,
a local man named Edwardo who owned a fruit stand noticed us continually checking our phones for the time,
and looking down the road for the bus.

like any good samaritan,
he offered us a ride.

at first,
we hesitated.
but after assuring us he could get us back to the ship quicker than any cab,
{and after saying a quick prayer}
it was decided.
we were going to let Ed chauffeur us. 

after taking a quick walk to the parking lot were Ed was parked,
we couldn't believe our eyes.
Ed drove a tiny car.
an itsy bitsy, TINY, car.

but once again,
Ed assured us we'd all fit,
and we'd make it back to the ship with "no problemo".
and after seeing a LDS missionary pass along card on Ed's dashboard we felt fine about it.

we squeezed all 7 of us,
plus our bags
 into the car.

the car was literally bottoming out,
screeching and grinding the whole way to the ship.

Missy was convinced we were going to die,
my head was out the window the entire drive due to lack of breathing room,
and Nicole was "chatting" in "spanish" with Ed the entire way there...

"ohhh, si si si. loco Americanos!"
"you're our home boy Ed. chico Ed!"
 {notice dawson and winston have disappeared under the sea of people}
turns out chico Ed was a great guy.
and he was was right...
we made it to the cruise ship just in the nick of time.

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