tushies in St. Thomas

next stop.
St. Thomas.

if i had to pick a favorite port...
i'd have to say this one was it.

it was B.E.A-UTIFUL.

it was green.
 it was tropical.
and the beaches were amaze-balls.

we started our day exploring those amazing beaches by stopping by
Emerald Bay.

we laid out on the resort lawn chairs.
which was fab.
{until we got kicked off.}

we goofed around in the water and the boys watched us play
"who can enter the water the coolest".
{our husbands weren't impressed but i thought
nicole's belly flop and jill's 360 were pretty damn cool.}

then of course...
we took some more photos.

after we were all sunned out
{which in my book isn't possible}
we took the sketchiest taxi ride...

the locals weren't happy with a fellow taxi driver...
who happened to be our taxi driver.

long story short.
we almost witnessed a St. T homicide.

but all's well that end's well because once we got the H outta there we headed into town.

we ate at a delicious cafe,
hooked up to some much needed free wifi,
and walked up the "99 steps" to blackbeards castle where we had a panoramic view of the island.
 but the best part is yet to come...

after our adventures in town,
we took an old school escalade cab to the other side of the island in search of Megan's Bay.

and boy,
did it live up to all it's hype! 

i'll let the pictures do all the talking.
St. Thomas was so picture perfect.

i felt like i was in a James Bond movie or something.
{is that weird?}

one day i'll go back to visit the big St. T.
until then,
i'll be missing him every. single. day!

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