b a h a m a . m a m a s

we started off our trip with a BANG in the BAHAMAS.

i can't explain the excitement of pulling up to Nassau that first morning.
 i literally woke up at 5 am just to watch us dock.

 us wives were excited to finally wear our new bikinis and cover ups we'd been hoarding for months,
while our hubby's couldn't wait to play some beach football.

we did some extensive research before our trip and discovered that best way to see the island..
was by public bus!

well the best part about riding the local bus,
we got to ride with the locals of course.

who pointed us in the direction of the most amazing beach!
{the best part - it was free!}

free beach access,
free beach chairs,
and free beach volleyball.

 aside from sunny skies and salty hair,
the best part about the Bahamas was knowing we still had 3 more ports to go!

#thisisfriendSHIP was just getting started!

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