is this real life?
did winston and i really just "walk"?

after 5 and a half lonnggggggggg years,
3 different majors,
and approximately 14 finals weeks later...
i'm happy to say that i am officially a COLLEGE GRAD.

i have to say,
it's a good feeling knowing that i never have to do homework,
go to an early morning class,
do summer school,
or take another final again.

but the best part,
was graduating with my babe.
and jill.
and gavin.
and nakita.

neither of us were stoked on the idea of going to commencement,
but after both our moms gave us the
"you'll regret it for the rest of your life" speech,
we decided to do it.

mom's really do know best.
i guess being a college graduate means
we have to start acting like real adults,
and working real adult jobs.

and stop having fun.

just kidding!
this just gives us more of a reason to make life one big party!

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