bear lake.

this summer has been full of adventures.
and bear lake with the Russon crew was no difference.

if the Russon's are good at one thing,
it's laughing.
a lot.

laughing at Papa Russ throwing himself and Marcus off the Sea Doo.
laughing at Jesse hitting me in the head 3 times with a baseball.
{obvies not on purpose... i hope}
laughing at Mom missing the JB entrance forcing us to get on an unwanted freeway.
laughing at Brynn and i doing "yoga" on the front lawn.

you might notice one very important person missing from all these photos below...

my hubs.

thats because,
he is the hardest working guy in town.
and couldn't get away from school and work.

but being the sweetheart he is...
told me to go with the fam anyway.
as fun as the trip was,
i missed winston like C R A Z Y.

and couldn't wait to get home to see him.

when i got home he was with a study group,
but he had a little surprise waiting.

watch and enjoy!
{if you don't have kleenex.. nows the time to grab them!}

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