1st year.

happy anniversary to us!

one year down,
eternity to go.
to say this was the best year of my life is an understatement.

finding my prince charming wasn't easy,
but becoming Mrs. Harris was worth the wait!

celebrating our one year was surreal.
"has it seriously already been a year?" 
"time flies when you're having fun." was the topic of conversation on our anniversary.

we celebrated by going to liberty park and mimicking the menu we had out our reception.
{if you've been a quest at your own reception you know there's no time to eat your own food!}

it was simple and romantic.
 our anniversary was on a thursday,
and on saturday Winston surprised me with a quick trip to park city.

we stayed at The Cheateux where we spend part of our honeymoon.

it's cozy,
and comfy,
and all i wanted to do was snuggle up with my man by the fireplace.
{even though it was 100 degrees outside.}
 i'm so grateful to have such an amazing man in my life.

he's hard working,
and obvies a hunk.

cheers to the next year ahead of us!

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