#thisisfriends #lp2013

i know,
that you know,
that lake powell is my fav place on earth.

but seriously.
it's amazing.

and what makes it even more amazing?
going with 10 of your closest friends.

#thisisfriends was our hash tag,
lil' pink was our mascot, (r.i.p)
and 'We Can't Stop' by Miley Cyrus was our theme song.
{embarrassing i know.}

we danced. {to 80's music}
we ate. {junk food}
we laughed. {until we cried}
and we played mario cart on nintendo 64. {for too long}
 other than watching endless hours of the boys play flies off the back of the houseboat,
my favorite part was 'game night'.

and thats because...
after a heated game of celebrity charades,
husbands against wives,
{which was our first mistake}
we decided to play...
"what i like about..."
to cool things down,
and get our "kumbaya" back.
and oh did it work.

the consensus?
Gavin | likeable, agreeable, and the one and only addition to these boys group of friends of 15 years.
Winston | the glue to the group. selfless, hard working and the best listener with the best laugh.
Barlow | smart, hilarious, and designated videographer.
Dallin | undercover funniest kid anyone has ever met.
Dawson | responsible and completely in love with everything about his wife.
Steve | witty, clever and quick.
Kayley |  gorgeous, hard working and down low hilarious.
Kate | and old soul who can hang with all the boys jokes.
Nicole | want to have a good time? call your girl Nikki Tay Tay.
Missy | fit, fab, funny and the only one who gets any of the boys jokes from highschool.
Elise | a big hearted animal lover.
Jill | easy to get along with, beautiful and spiritual.

so there you have it.
lake powell 2013.

better than i could have ever imagined.

until next year lp!

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  1. Take me back!!! I almost started crying when I read this. And FYI, we also said you are the prettiest, most talented, easiest to talk to, and going to be the best momma!!!