a fair day.

the state fair is on my top 5 favorite activities list.
between the white trash people,
fried pickles,
lambs, goats, cows, pigs,
and the all you can ride, ride pass,
what's not to love?
lucky for winston and i,
our friends feel the exact same way.
so we spend the night at the utah state fair.
and rode rides until we were sick.
i love the fair so much,
that i'm going back tonight.
to get a better look at the bunnies,
and the 13 foot crocodile.
{thanks Chase&Nakita for the fair pics i snagged!}



  1. Oh I love these photos, looks like so much fun! :)

  2. Rode til we were sick.... But so worth it!!! We defied death on the last ride. We are going back tonight too, hopefully we see you there!