baba on a bike.

last night we went on a double.
with my bestie, baba.
and her hubs, wes.

we were super hipsterish,
because we rode around downtown SL on our bikes.
and ate dinner on main street.
it was way urban and stuff.

i felt trendy and cool.

but seriously,
it was fun.
we ate,
and chatted,
and ate,
and chatted.

you know you've reached complete old person status when hanging out with friends consists of "visiting" with one another around a dinner table.

but i'm not complaining.

i learned a lot about wes and babs.
like how when they first met wes thought babas name was Vapha.
and that baba is a sucker for pumpkin bread. 
i cherish nights like this with my friends and hubs,
because there's nothing better than good memories with good friends. 


  1. I love the bike pictures. Such a fun activity, that you are so right about! We need to do this in Salt Lake often!

  2. I absolutely LOVE evenings like that. We have a night planned just like that next weekend with our besties. And you're right, it's totally a tell tale sign of getting old but I love it too :) Cute blog!!