my gramps.
87 years young.

he was the epitome of what a grandpa should be.
funny & witty,
caring & loving,
with lots of wrinkles,
and white,

he was missing two fingers,
wore 'brad pitt sunglasses'
and always wore his hat on the tip top of his head.

he was a die hard utah fan,
and even referred to my dog as Norma.
{because snoopy is part chow,
and Norm Chow was a coach at the U last year,
and since she is a girl... the name Norma was born.}

on christmas,
gramps would dress up as 'sanchez clause'.
wearing a sombrero,
red long johns,
with a potbelly,
and playing a kazoo.

grandpa Dale was quite the stud in Lehi, Utah back in the day.
school band,
with Lehi High's most beautiful girl on his arm.
{grandma russon}
Dale took 9 whole months to kiss Mava.
 after high school,
the love birds got married.
and Dale joined the Navy.
they started a family...
 and the rest is history.

funerals are never fun.
but being with family always is.
i think most of us would agree that our favorite part was...
driving past rice eccles on the way to grandpas grave site,
where we toasted him with his favorite beverage.

i'll miss my gpa,
but i'm so thankful i know i'll be with him again.


  1. This is so sweet Elise. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. xoxo