utah man sir.

i just wouldn't feel like i was being true to myself
if i didn't write about the BYU-UTAH game.

so i will.
{don't worry, i'll keep it short and sweet.}

first off...
go utes.

second off...
bragging rights for 2 years sounds pretty good to me.

in honor of the rivalry,
the Russon's dressed in head to toe red.
and spent the day tailgating at the cabin.
we discussed our predictions for the game.
{mine was 10-3 for Utah. obviously.}
but 20-13 will be just fine.
as fun as the rivalry is,
i'm glad we're done for a while.

it just gets kind of old screaming at your tv,
cutting off communication to all byu fans the week of the game,
and burning any blue in my wardrobe. 

in 2 years,
we'll do it allllllll overrrrr againnnnnn.

go utes!

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  1. biggest ute family i know. i feel like you could have done a lot more trash talking in this post. i'm proud of your restraint.