utah cheer.

call me a has-been,
a super senior,
or a wannabe,

but when all the utah alumni cheerleaders
 were invited to participate in the 
Utah-Oregon State homecoming game...
i jumped on it!

how could i not?

i got to reminisce with the girls,
stunt and tumble,
and wave at my overly proud family from the field once again.

man o man i miss those days of being in shape,
cheering in front of thousands,
and wearing a utah cheer uniform with pride!

so i'm glad i got the opportunity to be back on Rice Eccles Stadiums field. 

and i'm even more glad my hubs finally got to watch me!
 my goal is to be a 45 year old mom,
who can still do a standing back tuck,
and a heel stretch.

so as long as utah alumni cheer invites us back once a year,
hopefully i'll be well on my way!

1 comment:

  1. YES!!! WE ARE STILL COOL!!! and i'm hoping to be a 45 year old mom with you that can still tumble and stunt... if not, i have the video of us from this we can at least show the kids!