raw raw raw.

our team is what?
our team is what?
our team is tick tick tick tick tick tick tick....

ok you get the point.

but seriously,
cheer has been a huge part of my life since i was a little tike.

i can't even begin to count the hours i spent tumbling,
and stunting.

 it all started in my parents basement when i was 5.
me and my sister would do acrobatics in our bedroom late at night,
until our dad would come downstairs and tell us to "knock it off, and go back to sleep!"

ever since then,
i've been flippin' and kickin'.

thanks to my years as a gymnast,
East High cheerleader,
U of U cheerleader,
and USA cheerleader
i've now been hired as the Olympus High Cheer Coach.

which i couldn't be more excited about.

it's amazing teaching these girls everything i've learned over the years.
and hopefully impacting their lives in some way,
even if it is just getting them excited about a pep rally.

{cheesy i know.}

but i really feel like i'm where i'm supposed to be. 

so for now,
i'll put my east high leopard spots on the back burner,
because i'm the newest TITAN!

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  1. the only coach around that could pass for one of the cheerleaders!!!