our first fourth

happy independence day, America!

i love the fourth of july.
it really is the best holiday.

and this year it was more fun than ever.

because I got to celebrate with 2 families.
it was a mid-week Russon/Harris celebration.

the fourth of july festivities started on the third of july...
...because the Harris fam headed up to PC for the night.
we got to stay in Winston's aunt and uncles absolutely uhhhmazing mountain home.

we ate mexican food,
enjoyed the views,
played games for hours,
and had delicious french toast the next morning.

later that day,
we went to the famous Harris family party...
Cul de sac of Fire!
located at the home of gma and gpa Harris.

after that...
we pretended to be wealthy.
and headed over to the salt lake country club with the Russons.

where winston wore a walmart t-shirt,
and i sported shorts from the little boys GAP section.
we clearly fit in.

i love having 2 fun families now!
and i can't wait until next year when win and i can decorate our little studio apartment,
 and do fireworks in our own front yard!

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