one month.

in 30 days i will be Mrs. Harris.
and i'm excited.

and in 30 days...
all 101 wedding projects will be complete...
hopefully, anyway.

2 of these 101 projects include...
hand painted and distressed frames
hand cut, sewn and painted table runners.

it's been stressful decorating a wedding with my own crafts.
but i like the idea of my own blood, sweat and tears going into the reception.

making a chevron stencil isn't as easy as i thought.

the cute frames!

and in between all these arts and crafts...
i still have time to practice my wedding hair style.
(don't worry win... this isn't the final product.)

i hope these last 30 days go by quick.
but not too quick.
because i still have 4 more runners to paint!

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