cabin fever

there's something about that old,
olive green, 
A frame,
old school cabin
that really tugs at my heart strings.

maybe it's the rainbow carpet,
or the heat from the fireplace,
or the smell of aspens and pines. 

whatever it is,
it's the definition of nostalgia.

i've spend every summer since i was born at this little slice of heaven.

every time i'm there,
i'm taken back to being a little kid.

i close my eyes and remember...

taking long atv rides with my dad,
building forts with my cousins,
watching a mama moose and her babes at the salt lick,
our big brown lab chewing on a giant stick,
munching on salty popcorn,
swinging at the "blue mans" house,
hearing my grandpas laugh,
eating at dairy keen,
and playing uno late into the night.

as much as i love and cherish these memories-

making new cabin memories with win is just as amazing.

we enjoy the drive up parleys canyon,
napping on the mismatched furniture,
shooting the bebe gun, 
taking walks in the cool evening air,
drinking a coke in the sun,
and cruising around in the newest russon purchase- the maverik.

i love this place.

and look forward to many,
many years of memories to come!

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