downtown date night.

you know those weeks when you feel like the world is against you?

this week was one of those weeks.

and i was feeling a little blue.

lucky for me,
i have a bright ray of sunshine to constantly brighten my day.

and his name is Winston.

he surprised me with a downtown date night.

we ate on the patio of the Copper Onion,
and took a stroll to the new Dunkin Donuts.

and it did just the trick.
it put the wind back in my sails,
and a smile on my face!
                                                                    i've said it before,
and i'll say it again.

i'm one lucky girl.

thanks hubby.

1 comment:

  1. winston really knows how to pull throw in the clutch!!! those brighton high boys are learning well. and p.s., you might have been feeling crappy but you look b-e-a-u-tiful!!!