as if my billion instagram photos,
and trillion facebook posts about hawaii 2013 weren't enough...
now im blogging.

but honestly,
how can i not?

it was a once in a life time trip.

with amazing friends, food, and photos.

the trip in a nutshell?...
3 couples,
on the north shore,
eating donuts,
boogie boarding,
wave hunting,
and sun bathing.

and now for the photos....

the trip was beyond amazing,
but i'd say the overall favorite adventure we had...
'stairway to heaven'.

a  3,922 step stairway built up the mountain side
 in the 1940's after the Pearl Harbor Attack.
as a lookout for the military.

the hike being hard is an understatement.

but was waking up at 3am,
sneaking past the guard,
having my legs almost give out,
worth it?

seeing the sunrise over oahu,
having my friends and hubby encourage me the whole way,
and experience something very few get to,
was oh,
SO worth it!

mahalo for the great time hawaii!


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