The Mookie Man

yesterday was a very special someones birthday.

Marcus Dale Russon.
Marsushi Rusi.
Mark Fark.
General Russon.
The Mookie Man.

the little guy turned 20.
which absolutely blows my mind.

to me,
markie will forever be a 6 year old,
rubbing his head against the carpet,
running around naked,
playing with his mini m&m bottles,
watching land before time,
while trying to head butt me and my siblings. 

marcus has always been my side kick.
since the day he was born we have been buddies.

i've looked out for him,
and he's looked out for me.

i remember walking him to elementary school,
and then getting called over the PA system during class
 to come help with the mookie man because no one else in the school knew how to handle him.

our late night chats in his bedroom over funny family stories are some of my favorite memories.

like the time...

it was winston's first time ever hanging out with my family.
we went to a grizzlies hockey game.
the grizz pulled out the win in the last second and marcus was on cloud 9.
so marcus being marcus in his overjoyed state said to win and i,
while throwing his arms in the air...
"i hope you two never break up!"
luckily for him,
and luckily for us,
we never broke up,
and never had to disappoint the big guy! 

but seriously,
this kid melts my heart.
the joy he has brought into my life is indescribable. 
he has a light surrounding him at all times.

maybe that's because he is a true angel on earth.

i don't know what me and my family did to be trusted with raising this little boy,
but whatever the reason is,
i am thankful.

he has changed all of our lives from the moment he was born.
he has made us into better people.
more patient people.
less judgmental people.

because we have started to see life through the mookies eyes.
to mookie, 
there is no race.
there is no age.
there is no class.

mookie doesn't see disabilities.
he just sees the good in everyone.

life won't have nearly as many laughs,
and happiness without him!

if you haven't met marc yet,
next time you are driving around salt lake,
look for a grown man,
riding a blue beach cruiser,
with a helmet,
rockies baseball uniform on,
and velcro shoes.

he'll change your life for the better.

happy birthday baby brother!

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  1. so tender!!! love all the pics. i'm glad we were able to celebrate marcus with you guys!