you do you.

i've always found myself a little irritated with the utah mentality.

get married.

have babies.

live happily ever after.

here's the thing...

i can't think of anything more annoying than when i was single and someone asked me,
"so... like... are you dating anyone?"
"so... like... cough, cough, when are you getting married?"

i remember a specific time when i was at a friends wedding a couple years back,
when the groom said to me...
"don't worry Elise, this will be you soon."
uhh excuse me?
maybe i don't want "this" to be me.
or maybe i do.
but that's not your place to decide.


you're 19 and married...
good for you!

you're 28 and single...
good for you!

now as a happily married woman of 5 and a half months,
instead of people asking me when i'm getting married,
they ask,
"so... umm... when are you having babies?"
"so...uhhh...when do you guys plan on starting a family? {wink wink.}"


these questions are super awkward.

so in the mean time,
me and my married yet baby-less friends will pretend we are preggo while we celebrate Missy's quarter of a century birthday.

i'm so happy for you if you are married with babies!
 i'm also totally happy for you if you are single!

either way,
good for you for doing you.


  1. I LOVE THIS. ugh i agree with you. so annoying i get asked that everyday! you are cute. the end.

  2. this is absolutely fantastic, and i couldn't agree with you more! i was just having this conversation with a friend. i swear the only questions i get asked anymore (by people i don't see that often) are "Are you dating anyone?" or "Are you going on a mission?" I feel like any of these questions are WAY to personal to EVER ask ANYONE, and if i want you to know the answer to any of them i will tell you. simple as that.

  3. ahhh so with you on this!! and i'm in love with that pink hair.. cute blog! xoxo