bundling up can be a challenge.

especially when you're trying to do it fashionably.

so when i found this "fur" jacket,
i had to have it.

but since my monthly spending budget wouldn't allow it,
i convinced Winston to give it as an early Valentines present.

happy valentines day to me!

i'm semi embarrassed to say where i got it.
or to admit i even stepped foot into the bedazzled,
Ed Hardy wannabe,
Draper mom store.

{so sorry if any of you are offended by my last comment.}
{but it's true.}

in Fashion Place.

quite deceitful from the outside i must say.

but once you get past the back pockets of their jeans blinding you,
there are actually some really cute clothes.
as my friend katie dahl best put it...


  1. LOOOOVE your blog. I rarely get on facebook anymore (a shame, i know) and so I'm happy you left a comment on my blog leading me here. Just followed you! Can't wait to see more. Is it weird that I wish I could be you? I am obsessed with you, your kitty coat and those GORGEOUS pictures of you two below. Keep the posts coming. P.S. I want you to teach me how or make me one of those awesome pictures (of you, kitty, etc.)- We may have to have a skype tutorial date soon. xoxo

  2. ah your blog header is the cutest picture..love it!
    and love finding excuses for clothes. valentines is perfect!
    xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

  3. Just stumbled across your blog! Love it! I am going to say I never would have thought this store had cute clothes... I don't know if I am brave enough to venture in there, but if I do I will make sure to bring some sunglasses.

  4. love that coat. wherever it's from, OH WELL. cause it's faaaabulous! xo