my last post.. ever.

since those dang Mayans predicted the world is ending tomorrow,
this is probably going to be my last blog post....
E V E R.

but thats alright,
because it's going to be a good one.

girls night out.
or should i say,
girls night in.

since my babe has a solid group of friends,
there are lots of wives,
and girlfriends to accompany them.

so I decided,
with the help of the other girls,
to throw a girls night in.

we decorated sugar cookies,
chatted about our guys,
but most importantly...
addressed the world ending.

we decided if we do live we'll throw a..
"i survived the Mayan calendar ending" party.
and if we die,
we'll just throw a big party in Heaven.

either way,
we'll party.

see ya never.


  1. Welllllllllllll I live in Australia and it's almost noon on the 21st so pretty sure you're not going to die haha ;) all the facebook statuses about it are ridiculous!

  2. I never saw my beautiful hair picture until now!!! Damn it looks good. I need you to make me pretty every day please. (P.S. thanks again for selling me make up!)