this weekend was a fun one.
because it was big win's big day.

he turned the big two four.

we joked how crappy it is that we are now in our mid-twenties.
we can't roll with the young crowd anymore.
our backs hurt,
our knees ache, 
we go to bed at 10 after watching Seinfeld.

even though we are old,
and sun damage is finally starting to catch up with us,
we still celebrated.
with friends,
and family.
 winston proved his 24 year old maturity by cutting up wood for my dad at the utah tailgate.
too bad the utes didn't feel the need to celebrate win's bday too!

over all,
celebrating win's bday for the first time as a couple was the best.
and i can't wait to celebrate many, many, many, many more!

happy birthday beeeeeebs!

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  1. Your camera takes great pictures! Winston I am sure had a great birthday!