my family is crazy.
crazy for our pets.

we treat our pets like they are royalty.

i'm not sure it's healthy. 

we give our pets names,
and then we give them nicknames. 

we get painted portraits of our pets.

all animals are treated equally in the Russon household. 
doesn't matter if the animal is
Grizzbe & Grizzle the hamster {rip},
Swoop the canary {rip},
Wimper the weiner dog {rip},
Pedro Rasheeda Sanchez the mouse {rip},
Petey the parakeet {rip},
Snowball the hamster {rip},
Apache the big brown lab {rip},
Hendrix & Snoop the current pooches,
and the newest member of the Russon Fam animal graveyard...
Scuttle the bird {rip}.

letting a bird die peacefully in your hands might not be everyones cup of tea,
but in the Russon home,
we would no more sky dive without a parachute,
than let one of our beloved pets die alone.
Marcus said it best "dang it old age!"
rip scuds.

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  1. this post cracked me up. i love/hate all the RIP's! please get a pup friend that dash can play with ASAP....