we got hitched 5 days ago.
and i couldn't wait any longer to blog about it.

i've decided to post about the wedding day...
through a camera phone.

all my friends {and hubby} have iphones,
and i've got a measly droid.
which is great... except for the picture part.
and the picture part,
is my favorite part.
therefore my photo capabilities are slim. 

like i said,
everyone around me has iphones.
and takes all the pics for me.
and then sends them to me.
thanks friends.

not that i would be taking pics of my own wedding...
i had bigger things on my plate.
but you get the idea.

it was the best day ever.
and the best reception ever.

including a popcorn machine,
a good looking groom,
and bottled coke.

honestly tho,
it was perfect.

and i know everyone says that about their own wedding,
but i'm glad i'm one of them!

i was surrounded by the people i love the most,
and danced the night away with them! 

perfecto mundo. 
muy, muy perfecto mundo!


  1. Congratulations! These photos are so beautiful and I LOVE your dress! :)

  2. cutest wedding! you looked amazing and that dress is perfect. i'm glad i discovered your blog --being a newlywed is the best... and you two are so cute!