mr. graduate

today was a big deal for the Russon fam!
little markie mark graduated.

not only did he graduate...
he graduated with honors!
can you say uhhhh-mazing?

seriously though.
think about it.
marcus is born with autism,
unsure if he is even going to be able to go to regular elementary school,
let alone regular high school,
becomes EHS hockey and baseball player,
graduates high school,
with honors,
and on top of that graduates seminary too!

i am one proud sis.

not just because he graduated from east today,
but because i don't know very many other 18 or 19 year old boys that will still give their sister a kiss goodnight,
or tell other kids at school that swearing isn't cool.

he is the coolest.

so cool that he was the only boy that got to sit with all the girls during graduation.

it makes me sad when kids that have known marcus for years,
or are even in the same ward as him,
don't even say hi when they walk by,
their are a few kids that have gone out of their way to make marcus feel loved...
and it's more appreciated than they know!

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  1. I love graduations! Marcus looks so happy. And I like your hair short.