U G L Y mag

i feel very accomplished today.

for a couple reasons.

the first being the fact that i did my first official magazine photo shoot.
and the second is that it was my best work yet.

don't get me wrong...
doing brides makeup all day is great!
but it is amazzzzing to have someone tell me they trust my skills enough to show up to a conceptual photo shoot...
that is going to be printed to the public,
(well in this case printed on the World Wide Web)
and be allowed to do what i think is going to look the best.

the shoot was for UGLY Magazine.
and the photo shoot i worked on will be published in the fall or winter.

it was inspired by mermaids..
which got my creative juices flowing!

it was fun to combine my special effect/theater makeup training,
and other makeup techniques to achieve this look!

i can't wait to see all the photos this fall!
but until then..
this will have to do y'all.

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