wifed up

i'm going to try my hardest to not get all cheesy on you but..

to the most amazing guy.. EVER!

like for realz tho.

the little stinker surprised me by taking me to hatches chocolate (the little chocolatiers) where we spent many a date nights sippin' on their coco.

then told me he had an early birthday present for me...
and took me to memory grove.

let's just say i was veryyyy suspicious at this point!

well the "early birthday present" ended up being a cute puzzle...
(which is what we did on our first date)
and at the bottom of the puzzle it said the 4 famous words..
"will you marry me?"

so i asked,
"what does it say winston?!"

and he got on his kneeeeeee..
and poped the big question!

but the real surprise was when he pulled a little blue box out of his pocket!

since my actual ring wont be ready for another month,
win decided to get me a tiffany's ring with my favorite color in the middle as a "pre-engagement ring"...
and let's just say i'm NOT complaining!

he's a real keeper,
and i can't wait to marry him forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!

on top of a perfect propsal..
some of winstons closest friends where there to take pictures and celebrate with us!
i feel so lucky to be apart of this amazing group of friends!

i woke up this morning and pinched myself!
so happy to be engaged!
love you winston!


  1. love this! So excited for you.... have fun planning.

  2. So happy for you guys!!!!

  3. congratulations elise! that is so exciting! and i bet you are so happy you have pictures of it! the ring is so pretty and i can't wait to see the real deal, but tiffany's ain't so bad for now right!