belated bday

birthday 23 was definitely the best.
seriously it was.

other than having all my closest old and new friends come to dinner to help celebrate...
winston planned out the best day ever!

it was a few days after my actually birthday,
but it was worth the wait!

he first surprised me with my very first massage!
which was wonderful,
and funny.

then took me up to heber to go horseback riding,
because he knows what an animal lover i am.
it was incredible!
my horses name was steve.
he was fat.
and lagged behind.
but we bonded!

after trekking through the mountains of midway,
winston had the best surprise up his sleeve! 

wolves are my favorite animal so...
winston found a man who owns a real life wolf and took me!
it was seriously so awesome.
his name was echo.
a 10 year old 125 lbs wolf.

i want one now. 

i asked win once we become billionaires if we could own horses and wolves.
he said yes.


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  1. WHAT THE HECK IN THE WORLD?! ok that has to be the most legit day ever! Seriously Elise. This kid knows his stuff. My future fiance is going to have it rough... I am not sure if there is anyone in Utah that has a mer-dog, but I could be wrong.