christmas break has brought lots and lots of fun.

including st. geezy,
and vegas...
on new years eve.

which was pretty insane.

the city shut down the main boulevard at 5pm...
which allowed all the drunken fools to roam the streets freely.

on top of the streets being shut down..
my favorite part of vegas was shut down too.
the shopping.
which i almost cried about.
and then quickly realized it was probably a good thing for my bank account...
especially since me and blackjack dont get along very well.

even though vegas was a crack heads fantasy land,
it was great.

i got to see a stripper doing acrobatic moves first hand..
minus actually stripping.
which made the whole day trip worth it.
(im sure winston and steve thought so too.)

"it's been an honor serving with you."

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