tis da season

for realz though,
i love the holidays.

i love the food.
the music.
the people.
the clothes.
the movies.
the shopping.
the extra sleep.

whats not to love, right?

hendrix even got into the holiday spirit!

it's not even half way through this festive month,
and i think i've accomplished more on my christmas list than ever before!

i've drank way too much hot chocolate.
and if you've never been to hatches chocolate from TLC's "little chocolatiers",
you're a loser.

i've gone ice skating at the new gallivan,
and to a grizzlies game,
which both count as holiday festivites.

decorated this beautiful tree..
with this kinda cool kid.


had our annual xi ugly sweater party.
where i made these bad boys.

this is just a preview of what special events have been...
 and will be continuing to happen over the magical month of december.

have a very merry christmas!

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